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A Team Sport

Welcome to our new Engineering Journal!

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Placing a fulcrum in the right place allows someone small to move something massive. This speaks both to the tools we build, and the culture we believe in. Our products allow massive organizations to be changed by small and passionate groups. The pivotal culture that produced these tools is about brains over brawn and teamwork over heroes. As our founder recently said:

We are a special company, defined by our special culture. While others in Silicon Valley chase individual accolades and hacker stereotypes, Pivotal’s culture dictates that together we can make the once impossible probable. We do it by being kind to one another. Giving more than we expect to receive. Standing up and sharing, everyday. In sum, for us, software is a team sport.

Rob Mee

There are many ways to keep up to date on Pivotal and our products:

But, until now, we’ve lacked an engineering focused platform for the voice of the Pivots on the ground. A place where the Pivotal engineers working on Cloud Foundry, Concourse, BOSH, our data products, and our client projects can tell their stories and discuss techniques.

Welcome to our new Pivotal Engineering Journal!

Our products are built with agile practices, and elbow grease.

We craft Go, sling YAML, tame BOSH, and erect APIs.

We microserve, fail-forward, and devop.

We pair-program, test-drive, and ping-pong.

We standup, retro, and iterate.

We monitor, adjust, monitor, adjust…

We do all of this with kindness, professionalism and empathy, and we want to share it all with you.

Join us in transforming how the world builds software.