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PostgreSQL Meetup in Berlin, 2016-01-26

Pivotal hosted a PostgreSQL Meetup in Berlin. Speakers: Andres Freund and Oleksandr Shulgin.

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Meetups serve two main purposes: listen to good talks, and meet other people who share a common interest in a topic.

Meet other people.

Berlin has a very active Meetup scene - and PostgreSQL is no exception. This time, “meet other people” was hosted by Pivotal, and took place in the EMC Berlin office. Pizza and beverages help starting a conversation on different PostgreSQL topics, which kept going after the talks. Finally security asked us to leave the office, because they wanted to lock the office.


Two speakers presented PostgreSQL related topics:

Andres Freund:

Andres Freund from Citus Data talked about Performance Optimization for a PostgreSQL database. The focus was on Shared Memory settings, and how to streamline the performance and avoid hickups in the I/O.

The slide deck can be found here.

Oleksandr Shulgin: Streaming huge databases using logical decoding

Zalando is a heavy user of PostgreSQL and a regular contributor of tools to the PostgreSQL ecosystem. Also they are an early adaptor of upcoming PostgreSQL releases and do quite a lot of beta testing.

Oleksandr shows how the Logical Decoding, which is new in PostgreSQL 9.4, can be used to feed data into a standby system.

The slide deck can be found here.