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Concourse Web Logging

You need to debug your Concourse ATC server. How do you turn up the logging level to allow that?

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This morning a member of my team was having trouble logging into our Concourse web UI (aka ATC). When I ssh’d into the VM, I noticed that the logging wasn’t showing anything useful. Thanks to the helpful folks in the Concourse Slack room, I was able to come up with a set of curl commands that allows you to set the logging level via the API.

$ curl "http://my-concourse-server.com/api/v1/log-level"
$ curl -X PUT -H "Authorization: Bearer my-big-long-oauth-token" -d "debug" "http://my-concourse-server.com/api/v1/log-level"
$ curl "http://my-concourse-server.com/api/v1/log-level"

We happen to be using GitHub authentication that necessitates the need for the Authorization header. You can get the value for my-big-long-oauth-token from your ~/.flyrc file. Make sure you have logged in lately via fly login so you have a fresh token.

If you are using basic authentication, you can use the following curl command.

$ curl --user name:password -X PUT -d "debug" "http://my-concourse-server.com/api/v1/log-level"