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  1. Administering a PXF cluster using the PXF Command Line Interface The PXF CLI provides a convenient way to administer PXF servers running on Greenplum Categories:   Greenplum    GPDB    PXF    CLI    Utilities    Amazon S3    HDFS   
  2. Fast Access to Your S3 Data with Greenplum PXF Greenplum’s Platform Extension Framework (PXF) supports querying data on AWS S3. PXF now supports AWS S3 Select which will enable Greenplum users to run their queries on data stored in AWS S3 more efficiently with up to 4x performance improvements. Categories:   Greenplum Database    GPDB    Platform Extension Framework    PXF    S3 Select    AWS    Amazon S3    Amazon Simple Storage Service   
  3. Plotting Using an MPP Database A tutorial on how to build histograms, scatter plots, and ROC curves using an MPP database and plot them in Python or R. Categories:   HAWQ    GPDB    Big Data    PostgreSQL    Postgres    MPP    Histogram    Scatter Plot    ROC Curve   
  4. Profiling Query Compilation Time with GPORCA GPORCA is Pivotal’s Query Optimizer for Greenplum Database and Apache HAWQ (incubating). In this post, we describe how users can profile query compilation with GPORCA. This will aid users in understanding which of GPORCA’s steps is the most resource intensive, and what transformations are being triggered. Based on this information, users can provide query hints to reduce or increase the search space, see where the time and memory is being spent, and learn how to influence its decision making. Categories:   Databases    GPDB    HAWQ    PQO    GPORCA    Query Optimization    SQL   
  5. Running GPDB using Docker A look into how the GPDB R&D team uses Docker to increase development consistency. Categories:   GPDB    Docker