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  1. Eureka, Zuul, and Cloud Configuration - Local Development Example and explanation of how to set up a common use case with the Spring Cloud Netflix stack to prototype for local development. Categories:   Java    Spring    Annotations    Spring Boot   
  2. Frontend Contract Tests Without Magic Numbers Banish magic numbers from your frontend contract tests! Categories:   Spring    API    Contract Testing   
  3. Hibernate to JDBC An exploration in replacing Hibernate with JDBC in Spring. Categories:   Spring    Java    Hibernate    JDBC    Java Database Connectivity    Repositories   
  4. Must-Know Spring Boot Annotations: Controllers Learn about the most essential, must-know annotations for Spring Boot controllers. Categories:   Spring    Spring Boot    Annotations    MVC   
  5. Spring for Normal People Learn how to Spring Boot the easy way with TDD and Thymeleaf. All the gain, half the pain! Categories:   Spring    Spring Boot    TDD    Humans   
  6. Faking OAuth2 Single Sign-on in Spring, Two Ways When your Java Spring web application depends on a third-party OAuth2 single sign-on service, tests can be slow, brittle, or difficult to control. I’ll describe two ways to address these issues by faking OAuth2 single sign-on in your tests. Categories:   Spring    Java    Testing